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CompTIA™ Security+
Start your journey to becoming a Network Security Guru!
This nationally recognized CompTIA™ IT Security+ online certification training course helps prepare a student for the Security+ certification exam. Students will learn about IT industry-wide security topics, including communication security, infrastructure security, cryptography, access control, authentication, external attack, and operational and organization security. Other topics included in this course are protocols used in Linux, UNIX, and Windows 2000 in addition to the TCP/IP suite component protocols, and Ethernet operations. Students will gain knowledge in capturing, analyzing, and generating IP traffic, how to exploit protocol weaknesses and examine defensive solutions. Packet filtering, password policies, and file integrity checking are also covered.

Student must have:
        Thorough Knowledge of TCP/IP

        Network+ certification or equivalent knowledge and experience

This course can only be taken using a PC and using current Microsoft operating systems. The course is support on Internet explorer. High speed internet access is advised.

A student guide is provided for ongoing reference.


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